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Add-on an advanced 
musculoskeletal ultrasound for just $65 more*
during your visit.

*same duration add on cash rate fee

Crested Butte Home exercises with Medbridge.png

Hands-on care for Weekend Warriors & Work Week Survivors Alike.

Located in CB South:
104 Blackstock Unit 1
Crested Butte South, CO 81224

Routine Client Hours: 
Monday-Friday 9:30am-6:15pm.

You come first. If you n
eed an early am or after work- Please reach out by text (text 970-452-1128) to get a custom appointment time at no extra charge. Weekends unavailable.


Hi there, Welcome!

I'm  Dr. Lisa Brin, a problem-focused sports medicine provider specializing in solving difficult injuries and untangling chronic pain.  

New to Crested Butte South as of 2021, I recently sold my Boulder, Colorado sports medicine clinic for a slower pace of life and am now offering care here in the North Valley. 

A working mom (to a 2-year old) my favorite injuries are hard-earned (or accident related) tendon, joint, and/or chronic pain issues involving joints or muscles.

I work with excellent results on feet, hands, necks and all the major tendons and joints of your body.
Check out all my 5-star reviews Here

Regardless of your injury, I'd love to meet you face to face and to discuss what it will take for you to return back to 100%. We hit up what you can do yourself, and what you might need help with. I also order any imaging and refer out for second opinions or specialists to assist with your progress. As my average client only needs 6 visits, some choose monthly care and others come in as needed!

A teacher,  I specialize in elongating the lifespan of your joints and tissues by teaching you the important tricks that nobody ever taught you. 

When you understand the WHY behind your homecare, your success exponentially improves.

Call me your doc, your cheerleader, and your personal guide from the sofa back to your favorite playground. I've worked with Olympians, World-Cup athletes, and weekend warriors wishing to add that true fulfillment and happiness to their life. You can too!

My Medical Background: 

  • I worked as paid traveling medical for USAClimbing.

    I have a doctorate (DC) in chiropractic from a sports-medicine focused private school. 
  • I have 500+ hours of diagnostic ultrasound use and training to look "inside" your joints during motion to see what might be holding you back.
  • I am trained in the application of MANY modalities so you can relax and rest assured that you are improving and on the right track.
I've been paid by professional organizations to work on their athletes such as the Primera Ballarina in the San Jose ballet, the USA Pro Volleyball Tour in Boulder,  and I've traveled to Michigan to run a medical tent for USAClimbing and TheNorthFace. 

Come join me and let's see how much more we can add to your life with some fine-tuning, YOU specific  strategies and supportive care that works. 

You've been waiting for too long for that problem area to heal while your friends go out and play without you. 

Explore how we can get started below. 

Now Treating:



"My care has been great. First visit included a thorough examination, and an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Lisa has given me the tools to help myself outside of sessions. She also treats using so many methods - she has used chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture needles, given me physical therapy type exercises to work on. She listens, seems really caring, and knows a lot about what she does. Especially if you are a climber - very much worth a try!"

Treatments I Offer:

- Chiropractic

- Massage

- Acupuncture

- Therapeutic Exercises

- Solution-based Homework


Body Work Options Included:

- Triggerpoint Acupuncture

- Graston (GuaSha)

- Myofascial Release (Active Release)

- Focal massage (clothes on)

- Erchonia Percussor Vibrational therapy

Chiropractic Joint Care Add-In Options:

-Small & large joint mobilizations

-Gentle Activator, Impulse Tool 

-Optional Adjustments by hand

Preventative Maintenance Care:

- A mix of the above as needed

-Get a discount for doing this every month on the Monthly Membership Program.

LifeSport 220.JPG

Photos Above:  Dr Lisa is a past medical provider for USATriathlon. Below: Client and IronMan Canada winner Uli Bromme. 

Doctor Lisa Erikson 2.png

Below: Dr Lisa in her first Leadville 100. Mile 17.

Conditions I See Often:


-Shoulder and Elbow Pain

-Headaches and/or Migraines

-Back and Neck Injuries

-Weekend Warrior Limps

-Work Week Survivor Stiffnesses

-Ski Legs (and Backs)


-Post Surgical Rehab

-Preventative Maintenance care 

-Travel Stiffness

-Among others

Often my clients are connoisseurs of sports medicine. If you know what you like and need to recover faster, let me know and I will do my best to duplicate it.


From out of area and seeing a doc elsewhere?  

No problem. I work nicely with any healthcare team to ensure you recover while away from home. Lets start where you left off to ensure seamless continuity of care. Please ask your team to email your records (last exam and latest treatment notes) to

Crested Butte Home exercises with Medbridge.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 12.36.12 PM.png

24-Hour Online Booking Available

Book from the comfort of your home anytime with my automated online booking software. Need to change or cancel? Check the bottom of your confirmation email.

If you find yourself facing pain and injury, know that you are not alone. My mission not to only heal you, but to return you to a healthier, more active form of your self. Book yourself in if you need assistance, guidance or care to help you along your way to fully living your life. There is no better time to start than NOW.

Clean Zone

We are all making an effort to keep each other healthy.

Soap works better than hand sanitizer. Please scrub your hands for 20+ seconds with soap and water prior to your visit. 

Read CDC guidelines...


Healthy food helps your body to heal. IF you have an eating disorder, or body dysmorphia, please bring this up at your next visit with Dr. Lisa so that we can get started on helping YOU to heal. It happens, let's talk about it. 

StAy Home

I have a 2 year old. With this said, I might be forced to cancel your visit if I am worried about passing something to you. 

If you have been

exposed, or are feeling symptoms of cold or flu, please stay home and please do not book an in-person visit for 14 days. Instead,  book a telehealth visit.

Safe Zone

Whatever you bring in the door, emotional, physical, or home safety concerns...

Know that your discussion with Dr. Lisa is private and will not be shared with a spouse, loved one, or neighbors. 

If you are feeling unsafe at home or need assistance finding safety, pease reach out and let me help.

Can't get in to see Dr. Lisa?
There's a Book!


Check out my latest book on climbing injuries! Focused on the common injuries from the fingertip to the shoulder, this book is a MUST HAVE educational book for any serious climber right next to that climbing rope and that grigri. This book is a stand-alone self-care climbing guide for injuries that leads the reader through a specialized training plan, hits up the current injury research, and guides them through anatomy climbing specific physiotherapy to ensure years of injury free climbing.

Message from Dr. Lisa: 


"Please reach out with your needs so I can be sure to support your journey to health. Make sure to check out our other pages on health insurance, mew patient visits and everything else you need to know to for your first visit."  

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