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Pro Climber Angie Payne killing it in Greenland thanks to help in my office. Image: Keith Ladzinski



I saw Lisa a few years back for a climbing injury, when she had her practice in Boulder. I thought she was knowledgable, informative, and approached my injury with curiosity, which leads me to my most positive experience with her. As soon as Lisa entered the room, she gave me her undivided care and attention. I didn't feel rushed, she answered all my questions and concerns, walked me through what my injury was, what the treatment was, and what I could do on my own to help the healing process, and more importantly why and how certain things helped. It's easy to read WHAT Lisa does, but in person you understand WHY Lisa has gone into the practice of sports medicine.


Thanks to Dr. Lisa, "The Climbing Doc" I'm able to brachiate without pain in and around my left elbow. I hurt it crossing a "Tyrolean Traverse" with my my buddies son and his son's climbing pack. I climbed on it (injured) for over a year. Within weeks Lisa had me back on track. I really love having a doc that actually understands my sport and understands that athletes are different than regular people. Also, I like how she helped me save money by showing me cheaper alternatives as far as body work tools go. Without Lisa's help, I would not be able to climb overhanging climbs, which are one of my favorite types of climbing. One last thing, she gave me exercise homework that is truly effective. I've been an athlete my entire adult life and she actually showed me workouts I'd not seen before! She is so awesome! If you are a climber and you push it hard, you gotta go see Dr. Lisa Brin!


Dr. Lisa is the best! She’s brilliant, compassionate and highly skilled. She has helped straighten me out on numerous occasions, as well as taught me exercises to keep my core strengthened to prevent serious pulls.


G.P. 5-Stars    Feb 13, 2016


"Lisa has been great. First visit included a thorough examination, and an accurate diagnosis. She has given me the tools to help myself outside of sessions. She also treats using so many methods - she has used chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture needles, given me physical therapy type exercises to work on. She listens, seems really caring, and knows a lot about what she does. Especially if you are a climber

very much worth a try!"





Miracle Worker

Bill Coffee  5 Stars  Jun 19, 2015


"Dr. Lisa is a miracle worker! I would highly recommend her for your aches and pains. After a weekend of bike racing, something happened to my back. Stretching and chiropractic adjustment helped but I needed to get better quicker. Lisa did some adjustment, pressure and acupuncture. The next day, I was able to go for a ride, able to apply pressure to the pedals."






Sarah Z   5 Stars   Feb 1, 2016


"Dr. Lisa was personable and helpful. She took my injury seriously and informed me on how to best approach self care. I absolutely recommend her as both a doctor and good company! Thanks!"




Elbow pain.

Monty J  5 Stars Oct 18, 2014


"My elbow had been progressively worse. I couldn't straighten my arm. After a 30 minute treatment with Lisa, my arm felt more loose and the radiating pain had all but subsided. Awesome feeling!!"





Peter Jones  5 Stars   Jan 14, 2016


"Finally there is someone who listens with an understanding of the demands and needs of a climber. I got a clear concise diagnosis and a logical prescription of self care for rehab and future injury prevention. Thank you."





Great Experience.

Julius    5 Stars    Jan 14, 2016


"It was awesome to go to a doctor that understands the needs of climbers. Dr. Lisa not only prescribed treatment of my injury, but discussed how different grips might aggravate my injury and how I could safely continue to climb while I recover."






Elz D   5 Stars   Dec 9, 2015


"After looking at all the information presented on Dr. Lisa's website, I felt good about scheduling an appointment with her. The ability to schedule online was a huge bonus. Dr. Lisa creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and the care I receive is wonderful. In addition to the bodywork, I greatly appreciate the preventative information shared with me. I can feel myself healing and learning ways to avoid future injury."





Dave (Loves it)!

Dave N.   5 Stars  Dec 8, 2015


"After a 45 minute session of adjustment, pressure and accupuncture, I was able to feel a lot better from a weekend injury. Pretty amazing."





Simply The Best.

Geezerman   5 Stars  Nov 4, 2015


"I am an aging (73) road bike rider (cross country 3 times so far), archer and tennis player. I have been under the care of this very caring health provider for 7 years now. No matter the sport, Dr Lisa is the one I go to when my body needs help and or repair. She is compassionate, and strives to understand how to best treat me from the symptoms I relate to her. Simply the Best!"





Pure Awesomeness.

Robert Donald   5 Stars  Nov 2, 2015


"As a climber, I push my body to the limits sending the gnarliest gnar. Sometimes, my puny little tendons and ligaments cannot keep pace with my need for the send, and they cry out in pain. When this happens, I come to Dr. Lisa, who injects them with pure awesomeness. Climbing is a niche sport, and our injuries are not well studied. Lisa is changing that, as she applies cutting edge sports treatment to the best of all sports. She wrote the book on climbing injuries, and can solve yours."





Shelby Katz   5 Stars  Oct 28, 2015


"In preparing a title for this review, the word that comes to mind is excellent. Lisa is an excellent chiro. She does more than simply "crack" your back. She looks at all of the pieces like a puzzle and then works with you to find the smartest treatment forward. Sometimes its detailed, sometimes straightforward. Either way, she takes her time and ensures you understand her path forward to making you feel your best. Thank you Dr. Lisa!"




It's not magic.

Alex Biale   5 Stars   Oct 28, 2015


"I've been seeing Lisa for 3 years now. I'm a climber, specifically a highball boulderer. So I'm constantly beating myself up. I initially went to Lisa about a chronic ring finger injury that had been holding me back for years. Within 1 session she identified the issue and within 4 months of recurring visits I was able to crimp again. She's talented, diligent, and will give you the knowledge you need to make improvements on your own."




Truly Fantastic.

Logan Niebur  5 Stars   Oct 6, 2015


"I have been seeing Lisa on a weekly basis since May of 2015 after a bad shoulder injury climbing. She has been truly amazing & has really helped me recover very quickly. Not only is she very knowledgable in her many fields, she has one of the best positive & happiest attitudes day in & day out. If you are looking for a intelligent doctor with a great personality that can help you recover quickly & stay healthy; Lisa at LifeSport is by far the best option in the state!"





Superb Work & Personality.

Andrew Skurka   5 Stars  Sep 15, 2015


"I have been seeing Lisa on-and-off since 2007 or so. As soon as I get an ache, she's the first person I call- And when I'm training hard for something, I see her regularly in order to keep me straight and healthy. She offers a wide range of services (e.g. massage, acupuncture, chiropractic) and can help solve most issues, or improve them. In addition to her excellent work, she's a joy to be with. Bubbly and fun personality, brightens any day."





Tremendous Knowledge and Treatment!

Merrick Chase 5 Stars Feb 29, 2016


"I came to see Lisa after spending 2 yrs. suffering on and off from intense shoulder pain. It was debilitating & I spent 1000's of dollars on acupuncture, massage, & other chiropractic treatment to no avail. No one knew what the cause was & after only several visits to LifeSport, Lisa was able to discern the root of the problem (bulging discs) & begin my rehabilitation. Lisa is extremely skilled, very thorough & genuinely cares about helping her clients to heal themselves. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!"





Excellent Care.

Dan Michels   5 Stars  Sep 5, 2015


"I have been seeing Dr. Lisa Erikson on and off for years now. I have been coming in for various climbing-related injuries such as pulled finger tendons, shoulder adhesion etc. Lisa is warm and friendly and is an expert in the field of physical therapy, especially for athletes. I would recommend her to anyone."





Great results with few visits.

Rob   5 Stars   Aug 26, 2015


I'm a triathlete and have seen Lisa for lower body issues - specifically in my calves and feet. She's great at dry needling and using other tools to work out all knots and muscular issues I've been having. I'll keep returning to her as the results I see after her treatments are obvious."





Great for athletes, especially climbers!

S.D.   5 Stars  Aug 19, 2015


"Lisa is a great doctor and is a climber herself. She has a calm and kind demeanor and Lisa has seen it all and she will work her tail off to get you back in action."






Back Pain

Sandor Coscia  5 Stars   Jul 21, 2015


"Dr. Lisa Erikson is a breath of fresh air. I have had multiple back related injuries, other Doctors I have visited could only offer drugs, options of surgery and changing my activities. As a avid climber, mnt biker and skier that was not going to work for me. Dr. Erikson gave me another option, getting better and to keep enjoying my passions along with the self care tools to help maintain that health."






Climbing Injuries Solved

Chris H   5 Stars  Jul 7, 2015


"Dr. Lisa Erikson has written a fantastic work on sports injuries and recovery. In addition, this book is tailored to climbers. It is by far one of the best, if not the best, illustrated adaptations of climbing related injuries and recivery techniques I have ever read. Cudos to Dr. Lisa for taking on the challenge. This book is helping me in many ways to recover from chronic injuries sustained while climbing. Thank you!"






Marina Inoue  5 Stars   Jul 7, 2015

Super knowledgeable and helpful with my specific, climbing-related finger injury. Provided physical therapy "homework", and imparted a significant amount of understanding to my situation. Really psyched on continuing to work with Lisa!"





Thank you!

Jeff D  5 Stars  May 16, 2015


"After making no progress in healing my injured tendon from rock climbing for 2 months, I was recommend to visit Dr. Erikson by a friend. 2 days after my session, my hand feels amazing and painless. One session with Lisa helped me more than 2 months of trying to heal on my own. She really cares about helping you and it's clear that she loves what she does. She is incredibly knowledgable and does work on a number of professional athletes."





One of the best things you can do for yourself.

G.B. 5  Stars Apr 10, 2015


"My appointments with Lisa were great. I am a very active person. With activity comes the occasional soreness, stiffness or pain. allow me to feel better faster so I can get back out there and continue doing the things I love to do. Thanks, Lisa!"





Truly Impressed

Blake 5 Stars   Apr 7, 2015


I came in with a back injury that had been getting worse to the point where I absolutely had to do something about it. I should have seen Lisa even sooner, because only after a few treatments it was very manageable and within a couple weeks I was back to being pain-free. She knew exactly how to go about the treatment and had some great advice on preventive exercises and stretching. I won't wait that long next time!





Sara Merkel 5 Stars  Mar 18, 2015


My 14 yr old son had hand pain from rock climbing. We had been to various doctors through our insurance, none of whom had any idea what was wrong. The next step was to refer us to a surgeon. We were referred to Lisa through his climbing coach, and feel so thankful that we found her! Her knowledge of hands/arms and specifically climbing injuries was unbelievable. We learned so much, got great ideas on how to treat, nutrition suggestions, and the reasons behind his pain. Love her!!!





Always a Pleasure.

James Moro  5 Stars   Mar 11, 2015


I've been around the block when it comes to chiropractors, and lifesport chiro has, by far, been the most effective and efficient chiropractic service I've ever used. Lisa was the only doctor to actually accurately diagnose and explain the cause of my chronic lower back problems.





E-VISIT: Breaking through pain to recovery.

Chris h    5 Stars   Mar 7, 2015


Before seeing LifeSport Chiro, I had been to at least four separate spine clinics and half a dozen nerve and back specialists. I got temporary relief from some of their steroid injections and pain management techniques, and standard PT. Yet, problems and pain persisted, and was narrowing my options in life. Then, I got lucky and met Dr. Lisa. She has worked miracles with her sport chiro. techniques, and now I am climbing, skiing, and MMA training. My options are expanding now.





Quick Results for Acute Pain.

Susan Kracklauer   5 Stars  Feb 25, 2015 


Dr Lisa reduced pain from a skiing/whiplash injury from a 8 to a 3 in one visit. She is responsive and gifted in her approach. Using Accupuncture, soft tissue work and gentle manipulation, Dr Lisa finds the solution to meet your body's needs without over-treating.






More than JUST Chiropractic Care...

Jennifer B. 5 Stars   Jan 23, 2015


Muscle manipulation, deep massage, acupuncture, and of course chiropractic care are all in Lisa's bag of tricks. Makes for  very effective and individualized care especially for those of us with "nontraditional" injuries and bodies.




Dr. Lisa is the Best!

G.I    5 Stars   Feb 20, 2015


Personable, knowledgeable, competent and above all....effective. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Erikson  and Lifesport (Boulder).




Great Experience!

B.L. 5 Stars Feb 12, 2015


I saw Dr Erikson due to a shoulder injury. She diagnosed the injury right away and prescribed a treatment plan. Very easy experience. I very much recommend.




My Experience...

RR. 5 Stars Feb 11, 2015


I've been a patient for 5 years. Lisa at LifeSport Chiro has helped me through several stress ailments over the last couple of years. She has always found the source of the problem, treated it in a reasonable amount of time and given me ways to maintain the afflicted areas on my own to prevent ailments from reoccurring. I think she is very knowledgeable, effective and fair with her pricing. I highly recommend her and have done so.




Rock Climber Problems

N.H.   5 Stars  Jan 9, 2015


Between being a student, being a rock climber and having broken my neck, my body has a tendency for tweaks. Luckily, Lisa has always been incredibly helpful in putting everything back into place! My neck has improved tremendously since I first started seeing her (a couple years after surgery) and she was patient with me when I wasn't ready for full adjustments on my neck yet and instead used a gentle tool. She is also knowledgeable in exercises that can prevent injuries from reoccurring and keep you active!




Sesamoiditis Treatment.

Sarah Hayden, 5 Stars. Dec 20, 2014


Thank you Dr. Lisa Erikson!!! I feel like I finally have an agressive treatment plan that will get me climbing again. I really appreciate the time taken to listen, assess, treat, and develop a plan of action to get me back on the rock!





She's Wonderful!

Kristina H   5 stars     Dec 9, 2014


I have lots and lots of problems: injuries, tight muscles and tendons, posture, etc. Dr. Erikson works patiently with me and gives me great exercises to do at home. I've noticed a huge difference in my overall quality of life since I've been seeing her.



Awesome Service.

G.T. 5 Stars Oct 28, 2014


I saw you some months back but wanted to say thank you, and to tell others of the terrific work you do! I trust you to adjust my neck, and that's not something I do lightly!




Excellent Chiro!

A Meilen  5 Stars  Sept 29, 2014


Dr Lisa was so thorough in my evaluation, she was able to spot my "problem areas" and provide a treatment plan that both helps my body perform better AND makes me more comfortable. She sent homework to continue the work individually, and has really made some positive changes in a very short time. I appreciate a Chiropractor that works with many tools, fewer "cracks" and ultimately helps to make changes vs. the "quick fix".



Dr Lisa Erikson is Awesome!

A.M Boles 5 Stars  Sept 10, 2014


Dr. Lisa always finds the spot that is troubling me and works on it until all the kinks are out! She is a miracle worker! She has also helps me with nutritional issues and food allergies which can cause pain and inflammation in the body. If the inflammation doesn't go away, either will the pain. I appreciate a doctor who looks at the whole body, and not just treating the immediate cause of pain only, so that long-term health issues can be permanently resolved.



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