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Fee Schedule 2023:

Dr. Lisa's Current Cash Pricing:


New Patient Visit (60 Min) - $135

Diagnostic Ultrasound (60 Min)- $225

Elongated Visit (60 Min) - $115

Routine Visit (30 Min) - $70

Monthly Membership Visit (30 Min)  -$59

Monthly Membership Visit (60 Min) -$95

E-Visit: Complex 60 min + Imaging Review- $155

Traveling House-call visit (90 min)- $225 + $.78/mile




If you have insurance and would like to use it, please email us with the details before assuming your insurance pays for care. Usually we will bill you our cash rate and give you paperwork to submit to your insurance for your reimbursement. Dr. Lisa is happy to bill insurance as an out of network specialist.


If your FlexSpend or HSA Cards doesn't work while booking online, please bring in your card at your visit and can process your payment for you!


Active Myofascial Release Technique

Motion based focal muscle stretching is often used by Dr. Lisa to increase motion and eliminate pain.

Deep Tissue Muscle Work

Dr Lisa spends time to get into your knotted regions to restore normal joint motion and to untangle your injury.

Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments

Neck care shouldn't be scary, work with Dr. Lisa to gently restore motion without quick yanks or jerks. Tool based or muscle care is always an option.

boulder chiropractic physiotherapy at LifeSport Chiropractic

Assisted stretching and joint mobility are needed to ensure proper management and prevention of future injuries.

Diagnostic Ultrasound for muscular or joint injuries

Looking under the surface helps us to solve your injury. Diagnostic ultrasound of your injury allows us to see muscle motion as well as to check for stability, see tendonitis, and visualize any tendon, joint, or muscle damage.

Philips Lumify Ultrasound

We use a Philips Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound Machine. We can test joint stability, use doppler to look for tendon damage and evaluate where you are in your healing journey.

Core stability for climbers 3

You're not on your own. Dr Lisa guides your weekly home care to ensure success as you progress in inflammation control, strength, and flexibility.

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