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Ultras: Medical Packing List for your DropBag & Crew

So you are all ready to get out there and race your first/next Ultra and you are perusing any added changes you might need to make for that final race day prep.

for GODS SAKE don't forget the lubricant and re-apply at least every 20-30 miles...

Here is the packing list I made for my dropbags at the Javalina100:

  1. Baby Wipes

  2. Lidocaine Patches (Equate Brand)

  3. Little Hotties Hand Warmers

  4. Moleskin (precut)

  5. Chapstick

  6. Runners Lube (Squirrels Nut Butter)

  7. Extra Sunscreen

  8. Alcohol Swab

  9. Athletic Tape Roll

  10. Pre-Wrap (for athletic tape/rub marks)

  11. Instant Icepack

  12. Leukotape

  13. nail file, clippers

  14. Elastikon (thicker than ktape for muscle pulls)

  15. Kinesiotape (precut for knees, ankle, quad)

  16. Voltaren Creme (or Equate Brand diclofenac sodium topical gel 1%)

  17. Tens Unit (when shit hits the fan)


Now remember, I work in sports medicine, so I packed up what I already had in addition to acupuncture needles and have most of these in small amounts for emergency (race) use. You can get away with way less than this (skip the Tens, Elastikon, Leukotape, and icepack but for GODS SAKE DON'T forget the lubricant (and re-apply at least every 20-30 miles)

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