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VIDEO: Self-Care and Your Forearms.

If you are an upper arm athlete (swimmer, weight lifter, climber, etc), learning to work on yourself is imminently important to how long your forearms hands and wrists will stay healthy.

Save money and learn by doing in this video!


  • Roll toward the heart if pressing with firm pressure.

  • Press lightly at first and 'scan' to find sore knots or tight twangy bands.

  • Hold the pressure on the region once a tight band has been found.

  • Press just hard enough that it 'hurts so good'...

  • No suffering! Pressing too hard causes damage, the more gentle you are, the more bloodflow you get in there.

  • Beating on it causes more Spasm/Tightness. Self protection occurs.

  • Breathe and ASK that region to let go while you are compressing it.

If the sore knot or tight twangy muscle doesn't move or change with care, its not a muscle OR it has to stay tight to assist a nearby friend (muscle). Give it a few days in between self-care sets and remember, it took time to get it this tight, it can't be completely healed wiht one application. And speaking of healing... It heals in between sessions, so ensure you are getting adequate rest.

Fatigue after care is common and a sign that you need to take it easy, it's not like self-care is as easy on the body as a complete day off!

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