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Spoil Yourself with the Monthly Deal.

Welcome to a dive into the discussion of what the Monthly Membership is and what it entails!

An option to take care of yourself and your family for a discounted rate that rewards you along the way with a price cut. I love my out of town visitors, but I also LOVE my locals, and this deal is just for you.

Reward yourself for
taking care of yourself
on a monthly basis!

Many clients SEE the monthly deal on the website but are unsure of how it works. NO PROBLEM my friend! I've got you!

Don't let questions hold you back from taking care of yourself. In this article, I cover monthly memberships at length to ensure you understand what they entail, are comfortable with discussing them, and have all the information YOU need to make an informed choice. Also, at the bottom of this post, I offer an enticing deal for those of you who are interested and a hug to get things going.

Monthly memberships are for current clients and their families but THIS MONTH I'm extending them to new clients who sign up on the first visit for my monthly deal.

Each membership covers one unique body.

At the present time, a 30 minute all-inclusive session is $59, (down from $70) and an HOUR all inclusive hour session is just $95 (down from $125).

What does all-inclusive mean?

It means that you can ask for any type of care offered at my clinic including:

>> Heated Massage Table at every visit (unless otherwise requested)

>> Customized Bodywork and/or Massage

>> Modification/Addition of Current Exercise Plans

>> Examinations or Care of NEW Injuries

>> Ordering x-rays, Blood work or other Advanced Imaging Needs

>> Myofascial Release Technique, Cupping, Graston or Guasha.

>> Massage (deep tissue or soft relaxing work)

>> Acupuncture (triggerpoint or traditional) without Moxa (the stinky stuff)

>> Chiropractic joint adjustments and shifting using blocks, clicker tool or by hand

>> And more!

Fine Print:

Here are the 5 things you need to know about the Monthly Membership program:

1. If you don't use it you lose it.

With one month grace period. Designed to keep you up to date with your healthcare, please come in monthly OR you can save up two months and come in for a full hour every other month. However, this plan is an enticement to keep you coming in for monthly preventative care and it doesn't allow you to roll over visits to two months later. This plan is perfect for those who can keep up with their visits so they don't lose any visits by forgetting to come in!

Not to worry, if you decide to come in, I'll shoot you a reminder when your payment is processed.

2. Duration of Plan:

This plan is good for an 8 month minimum and is not setup to cancel at a specific time but to keep going with the grace of letting you out if you lose your job or if a big family event occurs for which you cannot afford to come in. If you are a secondary homeowner or only here for a season, please reach out and we will work something out. This is not intended as a money trap, but as a program that spoils you and gives back more than it takes. ;-)

3. Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel your membership anytime by phone, email or in person. I will send you confirmation that it has been cancelled.

3. You're Grandfathered In (but cannot re-sign once terminated).

As I am likely upping my rates each season, I recommend holding onto this plan. If you decide to cancel this plan, it terminates the auto debit option for your care. This means that you will be unable to get back onto it. The plan is set-up on my end to be easy turn-key billing system that takes the worry and time out of it for both of us. With this said, I appreciate clients who don't want to cancel it and then restart it every month. Sadly, I had to create this rule as it was being abused too much. Big life events do happen (moving to a different state, becoming a parent, major accidents, second jobs, etc). I understand if you have a major event that terminates our agreement early. Please just let me know so I can help out as best I can.

4. It's an Auto-debit Program.

You are billed each month automatically and your private banking info is shredded once entered. this keeps you safe and me safe!

5.How do I begin?

Simply begin by booking a monthly auto-debit program visit and we will fill out the paperwork here in the office. If you decide mid visit that you do not want to be on the auto-debit program, you can pay the regular visit cost for the time you used. Here is a copy for your review:

Brin Monthly Autodebit Program 2021- rules and fine print 2021
Download PDF • 99KB

For those of you who are on the fence about booking a visit and starting my monthly membership program, I am offering a limited time deal to get a discounted first visit- Book the Monthly Membership Hour visit instead of the New Patient Visit.

So if YOU are on the fence, book yourself in for my all inclusive Monthly HOUR visit (60 minutes) and we will see you soon!

If you have any questions,

I'll be happy to help.

I look forward to keeping you in peak shape. Book in as needed and I'll see you soon!


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